A Little Baking tutorial

So basically I wanted to make my grandad the usual Victoria Sponge cake (it’s become a kind of tradition for me to make him one every time I visit) , but because of the heat my mum raised the issue that the jam and cream in the middle might melt and stuff. This was my solution to that- I baked the jam into the cakes and topped them with whipped cream.

I thought I’d do a thing for anyone who might like a nice sweet treat now and again
1. take your basic sponge cake mixture (everyone has their own way of doing it, I personally use a recipe from a book my dad bought for my mum like 20 years ago) and put a dessert spoonful of mixture into a case (or about a third of the way if you have smaller cases than me)

2. Make a little hollow in the mixture and plop a nice teaspoonful of your favourite jam in (I’ve gone with blackcurrant)

3. cover the jam with another dessert spoonful of mixture, so the case is roughly 2 thirds or 3 quarters full, and bake according to your recipe’s temperatures (lower is usually best)

4. Whip up some cream with a little vanilla essence or extract (quarter or half a teaspoon according to your preferences) and a little icing sugar (you don’t have to, I just hate bland food), leave it to set a while in the fridge and then pipe it onto your cakes with an icing bag or just spread a nice spoonful on top

5. Enjoy!


  • The jam will sink to the bottom
  • I used vegetable spread instead of butter as it’s healthier
  • Reduced sugar jam or diabetic jam is good
  • I used Elmlea instead of cream, also because it’s healthier¬†

So yeah, I did a thing. Enjoy! /skips off