Disneyworld needs to make a rollercoaster based off of the ride Yzma and Kronk take to the lair. When the ride starts, Yzma’s voice yells “pull the lever, Kronk!” and the ride starts to move backwards so she yells “wrong lever!” and it shoots you forward.


Then at the end of the ride, it drops little confetti that looks like labcoats and goggles and you hear the sound of a high-five as you exit. 

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"all opinions are valid" only applies to subjective shit like ice cream flavours, when it come to whether or not certain types of people are allowed to live safe and comfortable lives, I’d say objectivity was pretty fucking important.

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Why did The Amazing Spiderman have to be so good?
I was all set to hate it because I grew up with the older ones
But he was funny and clever and really likeable, the “villain” was good and obviously they’ve come pretty far regarding special effects.
Curses, foiled again
Can’t wait to see the new one that’s coming out :3